Alzheimer 2017

cu participare internațională
Ediția a 7-a, Actualități în domeniul demențelor
Manifestare însoțită de o expoziție medicală specializată

22 - 25 februarie 2017 
Willbrook Platinum Business & Convention Center, București, România


Alzheimer Europe
Alzheimer Disease International
Asociația Română de Psihiatrie și Psihoterapie
Societatea de Neurologie din România
Societatea Română de Geriatrie și Gerontologie
Asociația Română de Psihogeriatrie
Universitatea de Medicină și Farmacie „Carol Davila” București
Asociația Pacienților cu Afecțiuni Neurodegenerative din România

Mesaj Marc Wortmann, Executive Director Alzheimer’s Disease International  

Dear Friends and Colleagues, 

It gives me great pleasure to support the 7th National Conference of the Romanian Alzheimer Society on the theme of ‘Latest news in dementia’.
I am sure that many of you will join me in congratulating the Society on what promises to be an exciting three days on the exciting advances in the research, care and treatment of dementia.

I am especially excited that the conference will include presentations and talks by experts from Romania, Bulgaria, the UK and elsewhere, including Mrs Helga Rohra, former Vice Chair of Dementia Alliance International and former Chair of the Alzheimer Europe European Working Group of People with Dementia, alongside professors Ilya Lefterov, Roxana Carare, Alexander Kurz and Jens Pahnke.

Much progress has been made globally in 2016, and the Romanian Alzheimer Society continues to be both an active member of Alzheimer’s Disease International and critical to the development of increased support and awareness in the region.

I hope that as leading researchers and professionals around the world you will make the most of the opportunities this conference to advance knowledge and action on dementia in Europe in 2017.
On behalf of the entire ADI family, I wish you a successful and productive conference, where you will further enjoy the opportunity to network and exchange ideas to improve the quality of life and access to support for people with dementia and their families everywhere.

Yours faithfully, 

Marc Wortmann
Executive Director
Alzheimer’s Disease International

Mesaj Jean Georges, Executive Director Alzheimer Europe

As Executive Director of Alzheimer Europe, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the National Alzheimer Conference which will take place from 23 to 25 February in Bucharest.

As in previous years, this Conference will bring together experts from Romania as well as European and International researchers to provide updates on the latest medical developments.

Alongside these scientific presentations, you will also have the opportunity to hear from Helga Rohra, the former Chairperson of Alzheimer Europe’s Working Group of People with Dementia about her experience of receiving a diagnosis and living with dementia. I am therefore sure that this conference will be an outstanding opportunity to further increase the awareness about dementia and to contribute to the campaign of Romanian Alzheimer Society to have dementia recognised as a public health priority in Romania.

I wish our Romanian colleagues all success in this important campaign for the development of National Programme for Dementia and hope that this conference will be an important step toward the establishment of such a strategy.

I wish your conference all success,
Jean Georges
Executive Director
Alzheimer Europe